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논문 상세정보


Background: The aim of our retrospective study is to evaluate the management of isolated orbital floor fractures considering the clinical, functional and aesthetic results according to the surgical approach and the type of materials used. Methods: Retrospectively, clinical, radiological, surgical, and ophthalmological data from 79 patients were collected from January 2010 to December 2016. Furthermore, included patients were interrogated on functional and aesthetic satisfaction. Results: The main causes of trauma were physical aggression followed by accidents. The median time between trauma and surgery was 4 days. The most common surgical approaches were the subciliary and the transconjunctival ones. Alloplastic materials were used in 75 patients. In two patients, we used a combination of two grafts. Patients experienced minor immediate complications. On follow-ups, none of our patients suffered from ocular movement restrictions. Patients treated by subciliary approach had higher risk of retractile scaring compared to other surgical approaches. In our study, patients agreed to complete a questionnaire assessing functional and aesthetic outcomes with a high satisfaction score. No association between the implant material used and the results has been assessed. Conclusion: This study describes the results of orbital floor reconstructions. Despite a variety of materials used and surgical approaches performed, we believe that the transconjunctival approach is the most suitable option with a high satisfaction score.

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