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논문 상세정보


Background: The ideal absorbable plating system should provide sufficient rigidity and then be absorbed within a timely manner. The Resorb-X has been recently developed as a plating system with a mixture ratio of 50:50 poly(D, L-lactide). Methods: We present seven of 121 patients who experienced delayed degradation with this absorbable plate. One hundred twenty-one patients with facial bone fracture underwent surgical treatment from March 2011 to March 2015, and rigid fixation was achieved with the Resorb-X. Results: Of 121 patients, seven (5.8%) developed complications at the surgical sites. Six of 102 cases underwent fixation of the infraorbital rim and one of 73 underwent fixation of the frontozygomatic buttress; the other sites of fixation did not develop delayed degradation. Foreign body granuloma developed at the earliest by postoperative 20 months and at the latest by postoperative 28 months (average, 23.5 months). Conclusion: We observed that the use of absorbable plates in incision sites or areas with thin skin can increase the possibility of delayed degradation. When performing surgery in these areas, the normal skin above the fixed location should be covered sufficiently.

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