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상상연습을 병행한 발목 운동이 자세정렬에 미치는 영향

Effects of Ankle Exercise combined with Mental Practice on Postural Alignment


Purpose : Various studies effects of mental practice. However, there is a lack of research on the effects of practice on postural alignment. Therefore this study to the effect of ankle exercise combined with mental practice on postural alignment of legs. Method : Subjects were randomly assigned to mental practice group (experimental group n=15) and general exercise group (control group n=15). Postural alignment was the hip, knee, and ankle joints. When viewed from the side, an arbitrary point in front of the malleolus makes a straight line with the plumb line. Exercise was performed a week for weeks. Exercise programs included muscle strengthening, relaxation, and proprioception exercise. The experimental group mental practice. Result : Both groups showed significant differences in postural alignment ankle joint, knee joint, and hip joint. In particular, the experimental group showed a larger change than the control group. However, significant difference in postural alignment change only the knee joint (p<0.05), and there was no significant difference the hip joint (experimental group=$0.77{\pm}0.81$, control group=$0.87{\pm}1.13$) and ankle joint (experimental group=$0.52{\pm}0.63$, control group=$0.48{\pm}0.41$). Conclusion : This study suggests that mental practice is effective as an exercise method postural alignment. Mental practice also expected to be musculoskeletal disorders. Therefore, additional studies should be conducted to verify the effect of mental practice on the alignment of various parts.

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