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논문 상세정보

최소 신뢰도를 보장하는 비 주기적 예방보전 모형 개발

Developing a Non-Periodic Preventive Maintenance Model Guaranteeing the Minimum Reliability


Purpose: This paper proposes the non-periodic preventive maintenance policy based on the level of cumulative hazard intensity. We aim to construct a cost-effectiveness on the proposed model with relaxing the constraint on reliability. Methods: We use the level of cumulative hazard intensity as a condition variable, instead of reliability. Such a level of cumulative hazard intensity can derive the reliability which decreases as the frequency of preventive maintenance action increases. We also model the imperfect preventive maintenance action using the proportional age setback model. Conclusion: We provide a numerical example to illustrate the proposed model. We also analyze how the parameters of our model affect the optimal preventive maintenance policy. The results show that as long as high reliability is guaranteed, the inefficient preventive maintenance action is performed reducing the system operation time. Moreover, the optimal value of the proposed model is sensitive to changes in preventive maintenance cost and replacement cost.

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