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논문 상세정보

Development and physiological assessments of multimedia avian esophageal catheter system


We developed multimedia esophageal catheters for use with birds to measure and record ECG and angular velocity while anesthesized, at rest, and in flight. These catheters enable estimates of blood pressure based on readings given by an angular velocity sensor and by RR intervals of ECG affected by EMG. In our experiments, the catheters had the following characteristics: 1. Esophageal catheters offer a topological advantage with 8-dB SNR improvement due to elimination of electromyography (EMG). 2. We observed a very strong correlation between blood pressure and the angular velocity of esophageal catheter axial rotation. 3. The impulse conduction pathway (Purkinje fibers) of the cardiac ventricle has a direction opposite to that of the mammalian pathway. 4. Sympathetic nerves predominate in flight, and RR interval variations are strongly suppressed. The electrophysiological data obtained by this study provided especially the state of the avian autonomic nervous system activity, so we can suspect individual's health condition. If the change of the RR interval was small, we can perform an isolation or screening from the group that prevent the pandemics of avian influenza. This catheter shall be useful to analysis an avian autonomic system, to perform a screening, and to make a positive policy against the massive infected avian influenza.

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