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논문 상세정보

일부 기혼 치과위생사의 직장-가정갈등에 영향을 미치는 요인

Factors affecting the conflict between work and family in some married dental hygienists


Objectives: The purpose of this study is to identify the factors affecting job satisfaction, job stress, turnover intention, work-family and family-work relationship of married dental hygienists with young children. Methods: 242 copies of self-reported questionnaires were analyzed. Statistical analysis of collected data was conducted using the statistical program of Stata 13.0 (StataCorp., College Station, TX, USA). Results: Turnover intention was higher when the child age was lower and the child support and parenting stress were higher. But when working hours were adjustable, the turnover intention was low. Job stress was higher as the position, monthly income and night working hours were higher. Job satisfaction was higher as night work was fewer, work time was adjustable and family life satisfaction was higher. When parenting stress was high, job satisfaction was low and job stress and turnover intention were high. Work-family relationships were more affected by lower monthly income and parents-first child caregivers. Workplace factors affecting the family life were monthly income, caregiver and number of night work. The higher the parenting stress, the greater the mutual influence between family and work life. Age, family life, parenting stress and turnover intention were identified to affect family-work relationship. Parenting stress and job stress were identified to be influential on work-family relationship. Conclusions: Married dental hygienists are leaving the clinical setting due to their marriage and childbirth, or showing the effects on family-work and work-family relationships due to parenting. Efforts should be made to efficiently utilize professional manpower and to improve the psychological and physical working environment surrounding the married dental hygienists.

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