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논문 상세정보

뇌전산화단층검사에서 방사선량 저감을 위한 최적화 프로토콜 연구

Optimization of Brain Computed Tomography Protocols to Radiation Dose Reduction


This study is a model experimental study using a phantom to propose an optimized brain CT scan protocol that can reduce the radiation dose of a patient and remain quality of image. We investigate the CT scan parameters of brain CT in clinical medical institutions and to measure the important parameters that determine the quality of CT images. We used 52 multislice spiral CT (SOMATOM Definition AS+, Siemens Healthcare, Germany). The scan parameters were tube voltage (kVp), tube current (mAs), scan time, slice thickness, pitch, and scan field of view (SFOV) directly related to the patient's exposure dose. The CT dose indicators were CTDIvol and DLP. The CT images were obtained while increasing the imaging conditions constantly from the phantom limit value (Q1) to the maximum value (Q4) for AAPM CT performance evaluation. And statistics analyzed with Pearson's correlation coefficients. The result of tube voltage that the increase in tube voltage proportionally increases the variation range of the CT number. And similar results were obtained in the qualitative evaluation of the CT image compared to the tube voltage of 120 kVp, which was applied clinically at 100 kVp. Also, the scan conditions were appropriate in the tube current range of 250 mAs to 350 mAs when the tube voltage was 100 kVp. Therefore, by applying the proposed brain CT scanning parameters can be reduced the radiation dose of the patient while maintaining quality of image.

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