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논문 상세정보

가정과예비교사의 수업경험을 통한 비판적 반성에 관한 탐구

Exploration of Critical Reflection through Home Economics Pre-service Teacher's Instruction Experience

Family and environment research : fer v.56 no.3 , 2018년, pp.301 - 315  

This study explores the critical reflection process experienced by home economics preservice teachers during practicum. Data were collected in a critical analysis of class, practicum review, and journals written by sixteen preservice teachers. Text material were composed of 188 transcripts on A4 paper and 36 page of mini-notes. The collected data were analyzed by a thematic coding method in qualitative research and proceeded in the order of three steps of transference, coding, and subject discovery. The emerging themes were: 1) Observing class 2) Practicing class 3) Growth of class practice 4) Reflecting class. First, the observing class was an exploration process through the viewing of daily classes that involved the process of recognizing the classroom situation and various classroom contexts. Second, the practicing class was to strengthen the consideration of the class to form a relationship that could lead to learning in educational situations. Third, the growth of class practice was intended to recognize the orientation of the subject matter with pedagogical content knowledge. Four, the reflecting class was the process of experiencing practice with a continuous understanding of the class, class reflection, and changing the perspective from the current status. There is a part where critical reflection is difficult to be promoted deeply during 4 weeks; however, there was a possibility of a reflection practice that could promote achievement through the experience of a practicing class.

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