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In case that limited resources can be mobilized, non-structural countermeasures such as 'monitoring using Information and Communication Technology might be one of solutions to mitigate disaster risks. Having established the monitoring system, operational and maintenance costs to maximize the effectiveness might trouble the authority concerned or duty attendant who is in charge. In this respect, "Guerrilla Sensor" would be very cost effective because of the inherent mobility characteristic. The sensor device with the IRIS camera and GPS (Global Positioning System) equipped, is basically battery-operated and communicates with WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access). It has a strong advantage of capabilities for 'Disaster Response' with immediate and prompt action on the spot, making the best use of IoT (Internet of Things), especially with the mobile web. This paper will explain how the sensor system works in real-time GIS (Geographic Information System) pinpointing the exact location of the abnormal movement/ground displacement and notifying the registered users via SMS (Short Message Service). Real time monitoring with early warning and evaluation of current situations with LBS (Location Based Service), live image and data information can help to reduce the disaster impact. Installation of Guerrilla sensor for a real site application at Gimcheon, South Korea is also reported.

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