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Background: Vitamin B12 deficiency has been associated with peripheral neuropathy, loss of sensation in the peripheral nerves, and weakness in the lower extremities. Methylcobalamin is the most effective analogue of vitamin B12 used to treat or prevent the complications associated with vitamin B12 deficiency. The current study aimed to compare the serum cobalamin levels after administration of two different regimes of methylcobalamin in peripheral neuropathy patients. Methods: The present study was a prospective, randomized, comparative study. The study consisted of two parallel groups, group A (methylcobalamin $500{\mu}g$ injection intramuscularly three times a week) and group B (methylcobalamin $1500{\mu}g$ injection intramuscularly once a week). A control group of healthy volunteers was also included. Results: A total of 24 patients (12 in each group) were included in the study. Five healthy volunteers were also included as a control in each group. At the end of treatment, serum cobalamin levels were significantly (P = 0.028) higher in group A ($1892.08{\pm}234.50$) as compared with group B ($1438.5{\pm}460.32$). The serum cobalamin levels in Group A healthy volunteers were also two times higher than that of group B (P = 0.056). Both the LANSS scale and DN4 questionnaire reported similar results at end of treatment. Conclusions: The $500{\mu}g$ methylcobalamin thrice weekly regime is more effective in increasing the serum cobalamin levels as compared to the $1500{\mu}g$ methylcobalamin once weekly regime.

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