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논문 상세정보

산업재해 예방을 위한 재정지원사업의 수요자 설문조사를 통한 제도적 개선방안 연구

A Study on the Institutional Improvement Plan through Consumer Survey of Financial Support Programs for Industrial Accident Prevention


The purpose of this study is to conduct surveys on demanders using financial aid projects to prevent industrial accidents and to improve them. It is divided into clean business and loan support business through the structured questionnaire. In the case of clean business, the following results were obtained. Most of the applications were received within three months after application. The most important factor considered by the consumer is the amount of support, which is considered to consider the substantial improvement as follows.The expectation for the reduction of industrial accidents after the project was 96.1% and compared to before and after the actual business, it showed a 46.8% decrease from the previous year. In addition, the cost decreased by 21.8%, the facility utilization rate increased by 24.4%, the sales increased by 15.9%, and the average number of workers increased by 6.0. As for the sustainability of the business, 86.6% of the respondents said that they should continue to do so. The following results were obtained in the case of loan support projects. Industrial accidents decreased by 45.2% from the previous year. Costs decreased by 19.4%, facility utilization rose by 26.7%, sales increased by 14.9%, and the number of workers increased by an average of 2.8. In the case of suppliers, prevention of industrial accidents at the business sites participating in the clean business was the highest factor (67.0%). 89% of respondents were aware of the disposal criteria for ineligible suppliers. 50.6% of the respondents answered that it is appropriate to maintain the current level, and 39.4% of respondents answered that they should strengthen. The prices for the support items were more than 15% higher than the market prices.

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