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논문 상세정보

청년 농업인 지원 정책 방향에 관한 연구 - 충청남도 사례

Policy Directions for Young Farmers - Case of Chung-nam Province -


The study aims to explore the policy directions for young farmers within Korean agricultural context, particularly in Chung-nam Province. In order to accomplish this, young farmers were classified into three categories: successors, new farmers, potential farmers. The importance of young farmers is becoming more of a focus due to decline of population numbers in rural communities as well as the aging of agriculture population. In order to address these two problems, it is necessary to create and implement policy to support each category of young farmer. Rather than the current focus on nurturing young farmers as a labor force, the role of young farmers in maintaining local communities should be expanded in current agricultural system. The local community should provide appropriate conditions for young farmers in Chung-nam Province for the various purposes they have and the roles they fill. In conclusion, it is necessary to provide a 'space' where young farmers can meet base on the community. For this, the role of the community based intermediate support organization for the integrated support system is of great significance.

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