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논문 상세정보

자기공명영상검사 시 폐쇄공포증 완화를 위한 굴절안경의 유용성 평가

Evaluation of the Usefulness of Refraction Glasses to Reduce Claustrophobia During Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Unlike the traditional Radiological examinations, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) does not cause any harm and high levels of Radiation to the human body. Furthermore, MRI is widely used owing to its ability to adapt to different situations. However, the MRI equipment creates noises from its mechanical parts, and its magnetic bore structure can cause anxiety and claustrophobia in patients. To relieve claustrophobia, commercial refraction glasses were provided to the participants in this study, and the changes in anxiety and claustrophobia were measured. The participants were 30 volunteers with claustrophobia. To measure anxiety, the participants were asked to answer a Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) questionnaire. The physical markers of discomfort included perspiration on the forehead or hands (46.7%), mild frowning (30.3%), and leg shaking (40.1%). The subjective markers of discomfort included dizziness (2.85% in the men and 1.75% in the women). Although fear and anxiety levels were observed to be higher in the men, the difference was not significant. Hence, it was determined that both men and women felt discomfort (p >0.5). The fear coefficient was observed to decrease from 7.67 prior to wearing refraction glasses to 2.42 after wearing refraction glasses (p<0.000). In addition, use of refraction glass decreased MRI aversion from 1.97 to 1.03 (p<0.000). It can be inferred that refraction glasses are beneficial to patients undergoing MRI.

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