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This paper proposes an IEEE 802.15.4m compliant TV white-space orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (TVWS)-(OFDM) radio frequency (RF) transceiver that can be adopted in advanced metering infrastructures, universal remote controllers, smart factories, consumer electronics, and other areas. The proposed TVWS-OFDM RF transceiver consists of a receiver, a transmitter, a 25% duty-cycle local oscillator generator, and a delta-sigma fractional-N phase-locked loop. In the TV band from 470 MHz to 698 MHz, the highly linear RF transmitter protects the occupied TV signals, and the high-Q filtering RF receiver is tolerable to in-band interferers as strong as -20 dBm at a 3-MHz offset. The proposed TVWS-OFDM RF transceiver is fabricated using a $0.13-{\mu}m$ CMOS process, and consumes 47 mA in the Tx mode and 35 mA in the Rx mode. The fabricated chip shows a Tx average power of 0 dBm with an error-vector-magnitude of < 3%, and a sensitivity level of -103 dBm with a packet-error-rate of < 3%. Using the implemented TVWS-OFDM modules, a public demonstration of electricity metering was successfully carried out.

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