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논문 상세정보

보성 해안 지역에서의 해풍 특성

Characteristics of Sea Breezes at Coastal Area in Boseong

대기 = Atmosphere v.29 no.1 , 2019년, pp.41 - 51  

The characteristics of the sea breeze were investigated using the wind and temperature data collected from 300-m tower at Boseong from May 2014 to April 2018. Sea breeze day was detected using following criteria: 1) the presence of a clear change in wind direction near sunrise (between 1 hour after sunrise and 5 hours before sunset) and sunset (from 1500 LST to midnight), 2) presence of thermal forcing of sea breeze and 3) no heavy precipitation (rain < $10mm\;d^{-1}$). Sea breeze days occurred on 569 days for 4 years. The monthly distribution of sea breeze day occurrence shows maxima in May and September and minimum in December. The average onset and cessation times of the sea breeze are 0942 LST and 1802 LST, respectively. Although the 10-m wind shows clockwise rotation with time in the afternoon, the observed hodograph does not show an ideal elliptical shape and has different characteristics depending on the upper synoptic wind direction. Vertical structure of sea breeze shows local maximum of wind speed and local minimum of virtual potential temperature at 40 m in the afternoon for most synoptic conditions except for southeasterly synoptic wind ($60^{\circ}{\sim}150^{\circ}$) which is in the same direction as onshore flow. The local minimum of temperature is due to cold advection by sea breeze. During daytime, the intensity of inversion layer above 40 m is strongest in westerly synoptic wind ($240^{\circ}{\sim}330^{\circ}$) which is in the opposite direction to onshore flow.

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