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논문 상세정보

Cloninger의 이론을 활용한 사상체질 생리심리 지표 연구

Universal index for Sasang typology using Cloninger's biopsychological theory


Introduction Cloninger's Novelty-Seeking (NS) and Harm-Avoidance (HA) were found to be the biopsychological characteristic of Sasang typology, and the So-Yang type has high NS and low HA however the So-Eum type as contrary. The purpose of this study was to show the clinical usefulness of these measures as objective clinical index of Sasang typology in foreign countries lacking validated measures. Methods The Sasang type of 103 university students was diagnosed using Questionnaire for Sasang Constitution Classification (QSCC) II and clinical specialist, and biopsychological and physical features with NS, HA, Sasang Personality Questionnaire (SPQ) and BMI. These measures were normalized to make a noble index of 'NS(100-HA)', and the correlation among these were examined with Pearson's correlation. The differences of biopsychological and physical features between Sasang type groups were attested with ANCOVA, and the comparison of clinical usefulness of SPQ and NS(100-HA) were examined with discriminant analysis. Results SPQ and BMI were clinically useful for Sasang typology as shown in previous studies, and the substitution of SPQ with normalized NS(100-HA) was found acceptable. The NS(100-HA) is significantly correlated with SPQ (r=0.466, p<0.01), however not with BMI (r=0.079, ns). The SPQ and NS(100-HA) scores were found to be distinctive between Sasang type groups, and these were found to predict Sasang type of participants with similar correctness. Discussion and Conclusion The current study reviewed the theoretical backgrounds and confirmed the clinical usefulness of Cloninger's biopsychological theory in Sasang typology. These might provide foundations for integrative medicine and cross-cultural biopsychology of the East and West.

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