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실시간 시각적 피드백 보행 훈련이 노인들의 보행 안정성에 미치는 영향

Effects of Real-time Visual Feedback Gait Training on Gait Stability in Older Adults


Objective: This study aimed to examine the effects of real-time visual feedback gait training on gait stability in older adults. Method: Twelve older adults participated in this study, being divided into 2 groups including a) visual feedback (VF) and b) non-visual feedback (NVF) groups. For 4 weeks, VF performed a treadmill walking training with real-time visual feedback about their postural information while NVF performed a normal treadmill walking training. For evaluations of gait stability, kinematic data of 15-minute treadmill walking were collected from depth-based motion capture system (30 Hz, exbody, Korea). Given that step lengths in both right and left sides were determined based on kinematic data, three variables including step difference, coefficient of variation, approximate entropy were calculated to evaluate gait symmetry, variability and complexity, respectively. Results: For research findings, VF exhibited significant improvements in gait stability after 4-week training in comparison to NVF, particularly in gait symmetry and complexity measures. However, greater improvement in gait variability was observed in NVF than VF. Conclusion: Given that visual feedback walking gives potential effectiveness on gait stability in older adults, gait training with visual feedback may be a robust therapeutic intervention in people with gait disturbances like instability or falls.

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