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논문 상세정보

Crystal agglomeration of europium oxalate in reaction crystallization using double-jet semi-batch reactor

Materials research bulletin v.39 no.2 , 2004년, pp.283 - 296  

AbstractThe particle agglomeration of europium oxalate was investigated in a double-jet semi-batch reactor over a wide range of operating variables, including the agitation speed, reactant feed rate, and reactant concentration. The size of the agglomerates was directly dictated by the particle collision and supersaturation promoting agglomeration and the fluid shear force inhibiting agglomeration. Thus, with a longer feeding time and higher feed concentration for the reaction crystallization, the mean particle size increased, while the corresponding total particle population decreased due to the enhanced chance of particle agglomeration, resulting from a longer residence time and higher supersaturation in the reactor. Agitation was found to exhibit a rather complicated influence on particle agglomeration. Although both particle collision and turbulent fluid shear were promoted by an increase in the mixing intensity, the crystal agglomeration of europium oxalate was maximized at around 500rpm of agitation speed due to an optimized balance between particle aggregation and breakage.


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  1. Kim, Won-Seok ; Kang, Yong ; Kim, Yeong-Cheol 2008. "Synthesis of Manganese Hydrogen Phosphate Hydrate by Controlled Double-jet Precipitation" 공업화학 = Applied chemistry for engineering, 19(1): 66~72 

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