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논문 상세정보

The Skriker의 포스터모더니즘적 몸 읽기

Reading of a Post-modern Feministic Body in The Skriker


Caryl Churchill is one of the most influential feminist dramatists in English Literature. Her remarkable work, The Skrier(1994) had numerous play-reviews because of its elements like mime. songs, invisible existences, shape-shifting and transcendence in time and space. This paper examines the Post-modem Feministic Body in this drama with the shape-shifting of Skriker, ubiquitous fragmented body images, parody of fairy-tales for children and the refusal of conventional taboo. The conclusions are as followings: This paper analyzes the various shape-shifting of Skriker in terms of unstable subjectivity in post-modernism. The Skriker"s continuous shape-shifting, transcendence of time and space, and unstable gender can be translated into post-modem body and related to Deluze and Gattari"s concept of "body without organ". Also, the Skriker"s body can be considered as a feministic body in terms of the number of women among Skriker"s shapes as well as motherhood that alludes to close relationships with babies. Furthermore, Skriker"s schizophrenic language can be considered as female language because of the similarity of hysteric language. The Skriker"s body as a part of Nature provides possibility of interpretation of the female body, according to the traditional metaphor. Secondly, the fragmented body images in this play can be seen as the expression of denial of unity, one of the characteristics of post-modernism. Realistic and symbolic fragmented body images are shown in the monologue, the song of actors as well as the destroyed pregnancy. Especially, Josie and Lily"s destroyed motherhood and infanticide can be analyzed as the extension of a fragmented body image. The parody of well-known fairy tales and refusal of conventional taboo forced on the women in this play can be analyzed as the strategy of reading ideologies inscribed in women"s bodies. The ending of the play in which the lovely, kind and docile woman is victimized can be read to suggest that we in the post-modern period should recognize the apparatus of repression on women"s bodies and resist it.

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