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논문 상세정보

Clinical Study on 3, 123 Psoriatic Patients: Observation of the patients registered for the past 20 years (1982-2002) at Seoul National University Hospital Psoriasis Clinic


BACKGROUND: Psoriasis is a chronic relapsing disorder which shows variable clinical features. A study of a large number of patients may unravel the epidemiological and clinical features of psoriasis. OBJECTIVE: Our purpose was to investigate the epidemiological data and clinical features of psoriasis in a large number of Korean patients. METHODS: Epidemiological and clinical data, with particular reference to the extent and activity of the condition, in 3, 123 newly psoriatic patients registered between 1982 and 2002 were collected and analyzed. RESULTS: The results can be summarized as follows: 1. In our psoriatic patients, 54.4% were male and 45.6% were female (1.2: 1). 2. The age of most frequent onset was in the third decade of life (31.8%). The peak age of onset in male was in their twenties, while it was in their teens in female patients, indicating an earlier onset in female. 3. Totally, 67.2% of patients developed psoriasis before their 30 years of age. The age of onset was earlier than 30 years in 62.7% of male patients, whereas in 72.5% of female patients. 4. Family history was observed in 25.8% of patients. 5. With reference to the extent of psoriasis, 37.5% of patients were mild cases whereas 45.3% were moderate and 17.2% were severe. 6. With reference to the activity, 41.5% of patients were mild cases, while 31.6% were moderate and 26.9% were severe. 7. The most common morphological features were nummular type (58.7%), followed by large plaque type (25.9%), and guttate type (10.3%). 8. Nail involvement was observed in 27.0% of patients. CONCLUSION: We investigated the epidemiological and clinical features of psoriasis in a large number of patients. These data one expected to be useful as references in the future.

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