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논문 상세정보

Present Status and Prospect of Fruit Production and Postharvest Research in China


China is a large agricultural country and one of centres of origin of fruit. More than 30 species of fruits are produced for economic purpose, such as apple, citrus, pear, grape, peach, pineapple, litchi, longan, mango, banana etc. At the present level of fruit production, China has become the largest producer in the world. However, the development of fruit production still faces great challenges, including high postharvest losses of products, oversupply of primary products, poor marketing systems, degradation of fruits species, unreasonable geographic distribution, and insufficiencies in commercialization treatment and cold chain system. Based on these conditons, the postharvest research work in our group approaches the problem in two ways, which means to investigate the ripening mechanism of fruit and the role of phytohormone ethylene in its on one hand, to study postharvest physiology and storage technologies and facilities for China local fruits on the other. In China, agricultural research so far has been mainly concentrated on the improvement of crop production to achieve self-sufficiency in food in order to support the growing population. It is claimed that, in the near future, the food problems will be more complex as patterns of food consumption have improved in the region along with rising incomes and social development. With the growth of economies of the world, especially that of China has come an increase in the demand for a range of fruits. Increased trade within and between countries has created an incentive for improvements in many aspects of the postharvest activities associated with these fruits. During the last decade or so there have been increased public sector research efforts which have focused on postharvest activities for fruits.

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