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BackgroundSeveral methods have been reported to induce asthmatic reactions in mice but few studies have compared their efficiency. We evaluated the efficiency of the protocols frequently used in the literature.MethodsBALB/c mice were sensitized to ovalbumin (OVA) by intraperitoneal injection; 1] Once a week for two weeks using OVA with alum (IPOA-2) or without (IPO-2), and provocation on days 28-30 by 1% OVA inhalation; 2] seven times for two weeks by OVA with alum (IPOA-7) or without (IPO-7) and provocation by 1% OVA inhalation on days 42-44. 3] Sensitization by 1% OVA inhalation for ten days (IHO-10) and provocation by 1% OVA inhalation on days 28-30. After the last challenge, airway hyperresponsiveness was measured with single chamber plethysmography 24 hours later and mice were sacrificed 48 hours later.ResultsAirway hyperresponsiveness, BALF eosinophilia, airway inflammation, and OVA-specific IgE and IgG1 production were effectively induced in IPOA-2, IPOA-7, and IPO-7. However, these phenotypes were not induced in IPO-2 (except for increased BALF eosinophils) or IHO-10 (except for an increased OVA-specific IgG1 level).ConclusionThe intraperitoneal injections of OVA with alum once a week for two weeks proved to be the most efficient sensitization method of inducing an asthmatic reaction in mice.

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