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논문 상세정보

디지털 기술의 구축성에 관한 연구

A Study on the Tectonic in the Digital Technology


The Primary aim of this study is to overcome the idea that digital technology brings crisis of architecture and to find new value of it. This thesis focuses on the intrinsic attribute of Digital technology, which is consisted of bits, must be converted into atom, which is ruled by the law of gravity, to be used by people. So, ‘tectonic’ is explored to study the characteristics of digital technology. This Study analysis the changes of architecture by digital technology. Then, These changes revealed tectonic in the digital age by comparing with classic and modern architecture’s tectonics. As a result, three main tectonics in digital architecture are revealed and they are as follows ‘Self-referencial codes for making free form’ is developed by non-Euclidean geometry. Digital architects try to establish subjectivities by their own design methods. ‘Developing free-form from structural form’ is possible by ‘digital construction processes." This means that formal architectural elements by a structural viewpoint is vanished. At the same time, envelope and structure of architecture are unified. ‘Customization production of architectural composition elements included constructability’ shows possibility of a Master Builder for a digital architect. The individuality of customized production of architectural elements by digital master-model affects new method and process of construction. Finally, these three changes are not individual things and tectonics in the digital age is revealed by combination of these aspects.

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