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논문 상세정보

CFD를 이용한 이글루탄약고 결로 감소 방안

The Reform Measure for Reduction of Condensation in Igloo Magazine by Computational Fluids Dynamics


Buried [Igloo] ammunition depot which is covered by soil is superior in terms of disguise and safety, and economical due to using concrete for the building, so most of the ammunitions are taken in it after 1960 in Korea. Since it is covered by soil, it has similar characteristic of underground space, and hot and humid air in summer causes problem of condensation when the air gets inside of it and attaches cold surface of wall and ammunition. This happening increases a lot of budget of military in Korea and gives trouble in terms of military operation. The purpose of this research is to find the optimum layout of ammunition arrangement as a passive system and to calculate optimum amount of ammunition for storing with experiment and CFD analysis. Consequently, the entire mixing of air in the ammunition depot is going to give effect to decrease condensation on surfaces of ammunition, but it is too smell effected. However, keeping distance from the cold wall and placeing the ammunition as high as possible is going to make huge effect of decreasing condensation because stratification of temperature is made by buoyancy.

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