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논문 상세정보

공연시설 건축계획 지침에 관한 기초적 연구 : 국내 공연시설 현황분석을 중심으로

Basic Research on Guidelines of Performance Facility Construction Project


The performance facilities in today are entering into the era of ‘professionalis’ after it has been developed by the process of ‘functionalization’, ‘systematization’ and ‘perception’. As a variety of performance places are now under the construction or under plan including ‘the Seoul Opera House’, the study on the performance facilities are also vigorously done, varying the criteria of the research. However, the study was limited to the technical area including sound facilities, stage settings, equipments and research on space organization of the facilities which is truly important is not throughout enough. To meet the user's needs according to the purpose and administrating strategy of the facilities, process system of the whole building plan and space design according to this are the most important, but there were easily neglected, so far. People working for performance industry usually complain of the frustration condition that so many great performances can't go on the stage because of the restriction of the present performance facilities. This strong indicate needs the study on performance facility construction system. Study on performance facility construction system and the space design should sure to be done one after the other. But one should build the fundamental guidelines of construction project and check lists, first and foremost. Therefore, this study aim to provide fundamental data which is important in building performance facility construction plan guidelines through the process of analyzing the strengths and weaknesses after understanding present conditions of korean performance facilities and drawing improvements through interviewing staffs.

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