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논문 상세정보

후기구조주의의 생성의 관점을 통해 본 라이프니츠 모나드론의 건축 철학으로서의 가능성

Possibility as Architectural Philosophy of Leibniz's Monadology Viewed through the Concept of Becoming of Post-Structuralism


Leibniz, who has become so popular as to be referred to as 'Renaissance of Leibniz', got reilluminated as a philosopher who can provide the world with the possibility of new thinking which can overcome transcendentalism of ancient and medieval times as well as modern subjectivism. Contemporary world is giving attention to Leibniz thinking as one of the quest methods of new paradigm, and contemporary architecture too is under more or less influence of Leibniz thinking. But the 'folding', appearing in 'Fold Architecture' which features Deleuze's ‘Pli’ concept as its architectural philosophy, is committing errors of clinging mainly to the configurational way of generation of folding of the property of the matter with elastic curves by their forms and transformations. Thus, in order for the concept ‘folding' and 'unfolding' to be established as an architectural philosophy, Leibniz thinking which could be regarded as the origin of the 'pli' concept needs to be studied and examined. According to this study, the thinking make-up of "folding-bending-unfolding" derived ontologically from the Leibniz's thinking of monad can be understood in the same context as the philosophical arguments of recent interest on generation which are discussed among architectural world, and it is worth considering as an architectural thinking model trying to orient the ontological essence of space toward becoming.

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