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논문 상세정보

공동주택단지 디자인가이드라인이 갖고 있는 계획적 함의(含意)에 대한 고찰 : 한국과 일본의 사례분석을 중심으로

A Study on the Implication of Design Guideline in the Multi Housing Complex Planning : Focused on Case Study between Korea and Japan


Lately, large scale multi family housing complex is solved a problem by consistent plan control from starting plan to completion. This ways are a solving system that through design way or design process problem. For the purpose of approaching the problems, we utilize design guide lines as a linking means of plan by each design step for this. But, design guideline did not convert lastly to planner being expressed by language or picture, diagram. Therefore, we need to examine closely meaning implications about the design guide lines. Meaning implications of design guide lines are follows . Firstly, establishment of design guideline is operated with intention standpoint plan that control form or function of residential site rationally in planning establishment process. And fundamental target should be defined rightly. Secondly, the alternative should be readied so that plan concept, degree of plan which is discussed in plan process may can be embodied properly. Target of design guide line is not control but induction. Thirdly, design guideline should be presented by not control but encouragement item and so on. It is subject that contrariety which meaning is not passed must be overcome being marked by character.

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