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논문 상세정보

일본의 '석도=독도'설 부정에 대한 비판적 고찰

Critical Review on the Japanese Denial of 'Seokdo indicates Dokdo' doctrine


The Korean scholars have insisted that Seokdo, which had appeared in Imperial Ordinance No. 41, indicate Dokdo. But after a Japanese newspaper named the San-in Chuo Simpo reported they had discovered a new historical materials that could break the Korean claims, 'Seokdo=Dokdo' controversy is running high. The San-in Chuo Simpo made an assertion that Korean's claim, 'Dokdo is a Korean territory', is broken in the end, quoting a Japanese ordinary man's internet blog which analyzed Whang-sung Sinmun's article(13th July, 1906). Imperial Ordinance No. 41 contains calling for `the changing of the name of island, from Ulleungdo to Uldo and the upgrading of the status of dogam to gunsu'. And Tonggam-bu(Japan's ruling organization to intervene in Imperial 's domestic politics) established in 1906 had ordered Nae-bu(內部) to give an explanation of when the islets that belongs to Ulleungdo and a small office(군청) had established, to investigate the Ulleungdo's present state. After knowing the fact of Tonggam-bu's order to investigate information on Ulleungdo, Whang-sung Sinmun asserted that the facts Jukdo and Seokdo are contained in Ulleungdo's jurisdiction, carrying the article which named "the Details of Uldo gun's Arrangement" again. However the San-in Chuo Simpo insisted that "if the figures meant the scope of Uldo gun, Korean's claims are broken because the present Dokdo is located 92 kilometer southeast of Ulleungdo". Their grounds lie in Whang-sung Sinmun's article, which says, "Uldo gun's jurisdiction islets are Ulleungdo, Jukdo and Seokdo. And the scope of Uldo gun is 60 lee(里) from east to west, 40 lee(里) from south to north, and 200 lee (里) in circumference." But the distance had been referred in the newspaper must not be interpreted as the jurisdiction scope of Uldo gun, but the scope of Ulleungdo. Since the figures referred above did not make a difference from the present scope of Ulleungdo. We can prove it by historical documents of Chosun dynasty which Chosun's investigator directly had surveyed Ulleungdo area by themselves. We should make a profound study why the distance which had not been referred in Imperial Ordinance No. 41 became appeared in Whang-sung Sinmun.

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