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논문 상세정보

한국군 민사작전의 발전방향 및 향후 과제

Development Direction of ROK's Civil Military Operations and Future Tasks

군사논단 = Military Forum no.54 , 2008년, pp.88 - 110  

Today, although a possibility of breaking large-scale warfares is diminished, low-intensity conflicts in the volatile regions stem from the struggling among /between different ethnic groups, religions, and markets have been increased. In addition to that, climate changes, natural disasters and humanitarian assistances have led to promote international peace-keeping operations. Since non-military threats are continuing in the post-Cold War era, the establishment of the institutionalized legal system of ROK's civil military operations(CMO) is essential because it is not a matter of choice but a requisite. But the problems reside in the define conceptual of CMO, PKO, and MOOTW, as well as legal foundations of force deployment, direction of international cooperations, and future tasks. Coping with these inquiries, South Korea needs to prepare theoretical and methodological grounds to enhance diplomatic capacity and perform effective CMO activities. In doing so, efficient participation and coordination of various government agencies and civil organizations are essential, since CMO activities involve both combat and noncombat elements. This study contends that the development of CMO institutions should start with the awareness of security environment and entail an appropriate operational type to the Korean case.

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