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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Surgical reduction of the turbinate size is the treatment of choice for symptomatic hypertrophy of the inferior turbinate, which is unresponsive to medication. In the present series, three of techniques for the reduction of the size of the inferior turbinate were evaluated and compared. SUBJECTS AND METHOD: Sixty patients with chronic hypertrophic rhinitis which is refractory to medical therapy were divided into three groups, the submucosal resection with microdebrider (SMRM) group (20 patients), the radiofrequency-assisted partial turbinoplasty (RFAPT) group (20 patients) and the partial turbinectomy (PT) group (20 patients). Postoperative changes in degrees of nasal obstruction, minimal cross-sectional area and the volume of nasal cavity were evaluated prospectively at 3 months after operation. Operation time, postoperative pain, duration of crust formation and delayed bleeding were also compared. RESULTS: Nasal obstruction was improved significantly in all groups. In the SMRM and PT group, the degree of improvement was higher than that of the RFAPT group. In the RFAPT group, the operation time and duration of crust formation were shorter, and postoperative pain was less than those of the SMRM and PT group. In the SMRM group, the duration of crust formation was shorter than that of the PT group. CONCLUSION: This study suggest that SMRM is a more effective treatment of chronic hypertrophic rhinitis for patients with bony hyprtrophy, whereas RFAPT is better for patients with prominent mucosal hypertrophy.

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