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논문 상세정보

공동주택 마감공사의 TACT 프로세스 적용방안

Application Plan of TACT Process for Finish Works in Apartment Housing Projects


The process control among various elements of construction management, in the construction business, is acting as an important factor deciding success or failure of the business. As the recent research, in case of finishing work that was done simultaneously by more than two kinds than frame work, TACT process control method is rising because of lots of occurring condition delayed or extension of construction period by interference and friction in the operation. However, it only has applied to some buildings such as complex buildings or high-rise office building. This research suggested finish work of the existing apartment floor unit TACT process as complicated process divided into 19 TACT unit works and made a detailed work flowchart and an activity summary sheet of 19 TACT unit works. Furthermore, the TACT application"s possibility and efficiency were verified by applying the TACT process based on a floor unit of finish work of apartment houses to the actual field. It is judged that the TACT process of finish construction of apartment houses suggested through this research unlike existing old process control method will achieve reduction of construction period and saving of construction expenses of finish work, and enables to achieve quality improvement.

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