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논문 상세정보

초고층 주거용 건물의 풍진동 저감을 위한 LCVA 설계 및 시공

Design and Construction of LCVA for Mitigation of Wind-Induced Vibration of a Tall Building


Increasing height of tall buildings often requires supplementary damping system for occupants comfort in windy condition. This paper presents design and construction of liquid column vibration absorbers (LCVA) installed in a 64-story building, which is the highest residential building with flat plate structural system in Korea, for mitigation of wind-induced motion. LCVA is a special type of secondary mass-type dampers relying on the motion of a column of liquid in a U-shaped container to counteract the forces acting on the structure. Since it has different dimensions of vertical and horizontal portions of container, it has benefits of easy tuning and wide natural frequency range. First, an experiment using 1/20 scaled model is presented for control performance evaluation of LCVA. In the experiment, the test structure is excited using sinusoidal force with varying frequencies and the control performance is evaluated comparing the dynamic response of the structure with LCVA with one without LCVA. Next, design and installation of LCVA is presented along with field measurement and tuning process. The analysis results of full scale filed measurement show that LCVA increases the damping ability of building effectively.

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