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논문 상세정보

희귀성 멸종위기동물 복원의 필요성과 그 대책(Ⅰ) - 여우나 늑대를 소재로 한 작품이나 이야기를 위해

Animals faced with extermination dangers and the restoration methods for them(Ⅰ) : Focused on the foxes’ and wolves’ roles in the old tales or literary works


This paper is divided into six parts. Part 1 is an introduction detailing the purpose, significance, scope, and format of the study. Part 2 is the kinds, characteristics, and geographical distribution of foxes and wolves, respectively. Part 3 is the foxes’ and wolves’ images or roles in the old tales or literary works. Part 4 is the methods of restorations and their problems. Part 5 is canine animals and ecological democracy. In part 6, concluding thought is presented. About fourteen years ago, the ancestors of dogs and wolves are same. Humans transformed some wolves into the tameable and trainable dogs. No other species displays such diversity as the dog. Yet all wolves and dogs are one species. The DNA makeup of wolves and dogs is almost identical. All dog breeds including wolves or foxes shares certain characteristics, born of their common origin. Especially wolves or foxes have played an important role in the old tales or literary works. Unfortunately wolves have not been founded in South Korea since 1960"s. In the case of foxes, the situation is almost same. The restoration of wolves or foxes are required in Korea. The human-wolf or human-fox connection have lasted for a long time. Wolves are the ancestors of dogs adopted, adapted, and domesticated by humans. Foxes are not noxious or harmful to person, although their images sometimes do not win a person"s favor. Especially, we should not be neglectful of their roles in the tales or literary works. The serious problems are not caused by foxes, but humans. We are responsible for wolves and foxes living. Both wolves and foxes should have their rights to live without dangers in Korea. Environmental ethics is realized in the ecological democracy. Humans should not become any longer a tyrannical ruler in the ecological world.


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