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영성상담에서 여성의 영성과 여성의 이야기에 관한 의미 고찰

The study of the meaning on spirituality of Women and narratives of women in spiritual counseling


The researcher studied the spiritual counsel of Christian on the assumption that maturity of personality would be connected with spiritual development. Through these spiritual counsel, it was found that women had subtle spiritual sense different from men. As a result the researcher thought it was necessary to approche the meaning at new viewpoint on spirituality of woman and narratives of woman. As the method of research the study of documents on spirituality of woman, spirituality of sisters and documents on narratives of woman were referred. Recently the researcher considered to be exhibited a tendency to relationship and experience of individual as key words of spiritual terms, and thus the researcher gave a definition that spiritual terms of Christian were inner process of perception of true self which was being integrated into disposition of Christ through experience of interrelationship between God and human being. According to the findings of documents on spirituality of woman, spirituality of sisters, consciousness of woman and spirituality atmosphere underwent an epoch-making change by influence of Vatican Council Ⅱ and consciousness of women" right. Spiritual life is not an area only for minister and religious. Since 1960s sisters coped with the change of the times, in consequence they got settled in spirituality in their daily life. Sisters played a pioneer role in the change of consciousness of woman. The spiritual experience of women have a fundmental differences from that of men. Women saparated spirituality from religious system. The spirituality of feminism which began with experience of oppressing woman and perception of patriarchal system which was a main cause of oppression spreaded rapidly in the church. The spirituality of feminism approched all levels of life, placing emphasis on narratives and participation in consciousness. But the spirituality of feminism and the spirituality of woman were not the same thing. The narratives of woman were collected through the findings of documents on narratives of woman, personal interview. The realities of life of woman overlooked because the spiritual aspect of woman was interpreted by men. Women learned to choose and assess how to say narratives about their own spiritual experience. Mature woman listened to her inner voice and realized the source of power inside her. Inner awakening of woman developed spiritual consciousness. Recently research of spirituality using narratives of woman began. In conclusion, spiritual experience of individual got settled in all levels of life and developed through experience of the relationship between God and human being. Especially Christian were aware of the spirituality of woman at a new viewpoint by influence of Vatican Council and feminism. Up to the present, understanding and assessment to the Ⅱspiritual experience were led by liturgy centering around the sacraments and interpretation of male-oriented spirituality in hierarchy centering minister. As result of this, a new viewpoint which the understanding and assessment to the spirituality of woman was unfair gathered strength. As a result, new understanding and assessment to the spiritual experience spoken by women was requared strongly. The narratives of women supporting the point of view which spiritual experience of woman is different from that of man became powerful model. These points give new meaning on the spirituality of women and the narratives of women in spiritual counsel.

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