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논문 상세정보

클러스터分析에 의한 韓ㆍ日 兩國語의 關係性 分析

The relationship analysis of Korea and Japanese by the cluster analysis


A series of writers" studies try to examine relations between Korean and Japanese by using the statistics method. The 200 basic vocabulary that Swadesh selected was used with these studies and fitted it for this and made Korean and Japanese basic vocabulary. In the last study, I made use of a table of 16 dialectic basic vocabulary by a city of Korea, and factor analysis was used for the statistics method. In order to make Korean and Japanese relation clear further with research this time for a relation of a language of tree type figure, Korean city 16 dialectic basic vocabularies data, I make use of a cluster analysis that I display I made a wide-area dialect 10 pieces of basic vocabulary. Because I analyzed it, 21 language form three groups of Korean (16 dialect and meddle Korean) and Japanese(old Japanese, Shuri dialect, and Tokyo dialect) and Ainu. If these three groups suppose it the thing which split from one common ancestor language, which split in the almost same time, or Ainu is divided into it a little early, and it can think that Korean and Japanese common ancestor language was divided into Korean and Japanese just after that. About Japanese, Shuri dialect first split and were next and split for old Japanese and Tokyo dialect. About Korean, Meddle Korean first splits and can understand that Cheju Island dialect split after that. About a dialect of modern Korean, a dialect of North Korea first splits and thinks that it split for a various dialect after that. The result of this Study became the result that the result of the factor analysis of the last research was complemented and which was useful to explain. Ainu split with a common proto language in process of a statistical analysis it is a time, a difference occurred for time that medieval Korean and Cheju Island dialect split with Korean, result of analyzing it about a split of a present Korean dialect then. It is thought to be a selection problem at a quantitative insufficiency of data and a basic vocabulary as the cause. Exact and immense data are necessary further.

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