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논문 상세정보

「女」をめぐる「好色」空間の機構と言説小考 - 説話と物語における談話の場を窓として

System and explanation of the space with regard to "the woman" -The place of the talk in a tale and story centering around-


With the voice of the heart in the woman true colors - Action of femininity. And or Gender. However, it may not be true. - What is it the truth of "the woman" that observes it from the talk and conversation, or story in a tale? Namely, as for it, there is the logic that the eyes of the man mean. This paper is doing the 院 government period in the Japanese middle age at the center of an argument. This is the intended paper that the talk thinks the place and explanation where unfold. I discussed the mutual relation of "the place" and "expression", from "the tale" and "the story". My statement method is the following. I observed it from "the tale" and "the story" about the mutual relation between "the place" and "expression". I thought the meaning that the world of a rich talk and conversation, exist in the literature in the Japanese middle era especially, an/the investigation. What I discussed is the relation nature and mutual deed in "a man" and "a woman". What is the scene of the talk, the meaning that requests an/the ideal to expression? I thought the meaning of certain description on the system. Therefore, I studied the woman" who "is written to a story. And, I thought the woman" who "writes a story. I thought like this. How do the relation between "the power" and "the talk" influence expression? What is necessary to the presentation and appeal of a self? It may be to think the meaning of the existence of a self. Contemporary "the talk" probably and this problem may be can compare it.

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