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Aims and ObjectivesThe aim of this study was to identify the differences in perceived learning needs between cardiac patients who have undergone major coronary interventions and their nurses.BackgroundThe decrease in length of stay after cardiac interventions has signalled an urgent need to provide effective in‐hospital health education. Therefore, the content of health education should bridge the gap between nurses' and patients' views of what information is important for ensuring patients' optimum recovery.DesignA descriptive comparative design was employed.MethodsPatients were invited to participate if they had undergone angioplasty or bypass surgery and were ready for discharge within 24–48 hours. A convenience sample of 365 cardiac patients and 166 cardiac nurses participated in this study. Baseline data on patients' and nurses' sociodemographics, clinical history and experience were collected through personal interviews. Then, participants completed the Patient Learning Needs Scale to identify their perceptions of the learning needs after cardiac interventions.ResultsThe top‐priority learning needs according to both patients and cardiac nurses was information on wound care and medication. In contrast, the lowest‐priority learning need was physical activity. Nurses perceived information about physical activity as most needed to patients, whereas patients perceived information about medications, postintervention complications and postintervention concerns as mostly needed.ConclusionThe disparity between perceptions of patient and nurses on the essential content to be learned highlights the importance of considering both of these parties when establishing health education programmes. In addition, nurses should focus more on information related to the recovery period and immediate needs after discharge.Relevance to clinical practiceInformation about wound care, medication and potential complications should be the core of predischarge education programmes. In addition, nurses should focus on improve patients' awareness of secondary prevention and lifestyle modification, as patients pay less attention to these vital topics.


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