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논문 상세정보

The Nonlinear Designs and Experiments on a 0.42-THz Second Harmonic Gyrotron With Complex Cavity

IEEE transactions on electron devices v.64 no.2 , 2017년, pp.564 - 570  

Terahertz (THz) and sub-THz science and technology are very hot today. However, it is difficult to obtain high-power source of THz wave. Gyrotrons are well known as one of the most promising source for powerful THz radiation. In this paper, a 0.42-THz second harmonic gyrotron with complex cavity operating at TE17.4 is numerically simulated and designed by adopting self-consistent nonlinear theory with the first-order transmission line equations. Meanwhile, the mode competitions in the designed gyrotron have been investigated carefully by using time-dependent multimode nonlinear theory. It is proved that the operating mode can be first excited and other competing modes are well suppressed in the complex cavity. Based on these numerical simulations, the designed complex cavity gyrotron has been manufactured and measured in the Terahertz Science and Technology Research Center at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. The measured results show that the designed gyrotron can stably operate at TE17.4 with pulsed output power of 19.3 kW when the beam current ${I}_{{0}}$ is 4.4 A, beam voltage ${U}_{{0}}$ is 51 kV, and magnetic field ${B}_{{0}}$ is 8.03 T. The corresponding frequency and interaction efficiency are 421.645 GHz and 8.6%, respectively.


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