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Abstract The binding characteristics of phenanthrene with dissolved organic matter (DOM) were studied by the excitation emission matrix fluorescence spectroscopy with parallel factor analysis in four types of land use which derived from forest (F), meadow (M), cropland (C), and greenhouse (G). The results showed that the humification degree and binding characteristics of phenanthrene with DOM were distinct differences in the four soils. The binding capacities of humic-like components with phenanthrene were stronger than those of protein-like components. The log K derived from the Stern-Volmer equation significantly correlated with the humification degree of DOM (p < 0.05) in different types of land use. Besides, correlation analysis demonstrated that the potential binding index (Fk) obtained from the modified Stern-Volmer model was a more accurate parameter to describe the combination degree of DOM with phenanthrene than log K, which presented a decrease order of C > F > M > G. Therefore, the environmental impact of phenanthrene in different types of land use could be assessed deeply based on the Fk and DOM concentration. Highlights The log K values of component 3 are positively correlated with the humification degree of DOM. The order of potential binding index is: cropland > forest > meadow > greenhouse. The potential binding index and DOM concentration co-determine the environmental impact of phenanthrene. Graphical abstract [DISPLAY OMISSION]


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