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논문 상세정보

High-performance amorphous indium gallium zinc oxide thin-film transistors with sol-gel processed gate dielectric and channel layer fabricated using microwave irradiation


In this study, we fabricated high-performance a-IGZO TFTs by forming Al2O3 and a-IGZO thin films for gate insulator and active channel layer, respectively, using a sol-gel process. MWI for low thermal budget process was used to condensate Al2O3 and a-IGZO films, which was compared with the CTA. It is found that the MWI is superior process to the conventional method in terms of precursor and solvent decomposition and has proven to be more effective for eliminating residual organic contaminants. In addition, the MWI-treated Al2O3 and IGZO films have smoother surfaces, higher visible light transmittance, lower carbon contamination and impurities than the CTA-treated films. We have demonstrated that a-IGZO TFTs with sol-gel solution-processed Al2O3 gate insulator and a-IGZO channel layer can achieve a field effect mobility of 69.2 cm(2)/V.s, a subthreshold swing of 86.2 mV/decade and a large on/off current ratio of 1.48 x 10(8), by the MWI process even at temperatures below 200 degrees C. In addition, the MWI-treated a-IGZO TFTs have excellent resistance to electron trapping and good stability to positive and negative gate-bias stress. Therefore, the sol-gel processed a-IGZO TFTs with Al2O3 gate oxide and the MWI treatment with a low thermal budget are promising for emerging transparent flat panel displays applications.

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