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논문 상세정보

Andreev tunneling and Josephson current in light irradiated graphene


Abstract We investigate the Andreev tunneling and Josephson current in graphene irradiated with high-frequency linearly polarized light. The corresponding stroboscopic dynamics can be solved using Floquet mechanism which results in an effective stationary theory to the problem exhibiting an anisotropic Dirac spectrum and modified pseudospin-momentum locking. When applied to an irradiated normal graphene - superconductor (NS) interface, such analysis reveal Andreev reflection (AR) to become an oscillatory function of the optical strength. Specifically we find that, by varying the polarization direction we can both suppress AR considerably or cause the Andreev transport to remain maximum at sub-gap excitation energies even in the presence of Fermi level mismatch. Furthermore, we study the optical effect on the Andreev bound states (ABS) within a short normal-graphene sheet, sandwiched between two s-wave superconductors. It shows redistribution of the low energy regime in the ABS spectrum, which in turn, has major effect in shaping the Josephson super-current. Subjected to efficient tuning, such current can be sufficiently altered even at the charge neutrality point. Our observations provide useful feedback in regulating the quantum transport in Dirac-like systems, achieved via controlled off-resonant optical irradiation on them. Highlights The anisotropic spectrum of irradiated graphene. The tunable subgap conductivity of irradiated graphene. Incident light direction-dependent Andreev Bound state and Josephson Current. The high tunability of Josephson current at charge neutrality point.

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