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Study DesignExperimental study in an animal model.PurposeThis study aims to evaluate the hemostatic properties of four common hemostatic materials including the chitosan clot pad, absorbable gelatin sponge, cellulose membrane, and gauze on peridural bleeding using a rat model.Overview of LiteratureIntraoperative bleeding during spinal surgery can lead to morbidities. Hemostatic materials have been developed, but the efficacy of these materials on peridural bleeding remains unclear.MethodsForty 8-week-old Sprague-Dawley rats were used in this study. Under adequate anesthesia, each rat was posteriorly dissected to their L5 and L6 spinous processes. Bleeding from muscles and soft tissue dissections was stopped before lumbar bone cutting. Immediately after the L5–L6 laminae were cut and removed, the rats were randomly allocated to receive one of the abovementioned hemostatic materials. All hemostatic materials were placed over the raw surface of cut bone and dura and changed every 60 seconds. The procedure was stopped when there was no further bleeding. Time to staunching and amount of bleeding were recorded for statistical analysis.ResultsThe respective mean±standard deviation hemorrhage volume and time for the cellulose membrane, gelatin sponge, chitosan pad, and gauze were 1.19±0.44, 1.03±0.72, 0.96±0.57, and 1.98±0.62 mL, respectively, and 2.9±0.6, 2.1±0.6, 1.7±0.5, and 2.9±1.0 minutes, respectively. The overall bleeding volumes for the cellulose membrane, gelatin sponge, and chitosan pad were significantly lower than the overall bleeding volume for gauze.ConclusionsChitosan clot pads, gelatin sponges, and cellulose membranes have better hemostatic properties than gauze. The chitosan pad had the lowest average bleeding volume, followed by gelatin sponge and cellulose membrane.

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