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Abstract Division of labor is a hallmark of eusocial insects and their ecological success can be attributed to it. Honey bee division of labor proceeds along a stereotypical ontogenetic path based on age, modulated by various internal and external stimuli. Brood pheromone is a major social pheromone of the honey bee that has been shown to affect honey bee division of labor. It elicits several physiological and behavioral responses; notably, regulating the timing of the switch from performing in-hive tasks to the initiation of foraging. Additionally, brood pheromone affects future foraging choice. In honey bees, sucrose response threshold is a physiological correlate of age of first foraging and foraging choice. Brood pheromone has been shown to modulate sucrose response threshold in young bees, but its effects on sucrose response thresholds of bees in advanced behavioral states (foragers) are not known. In this study we examined the sucrose response thresholds of two different task groups, foragers (pollen and non-pollen) and non-foraging bees, in response to honey bee brood pheromone. Sucrose response thresholds were not significantly different between brood pheromone treatment and controls among both non-pollen and pollen foragers. However, the sucrose response threshold of non-foraging bees was significantly higher in the brood pheromone treatment group than in the control group. The switch to foraging task is considered a terminal one, with honey bee lifespan being determined at least partially by risks and stress accompanying foraging. Our results indicate that foragers are physiologically resistant to brood pheromone priming of sucrose response thresholds. Highlights Sucrose response thresholds of non-forager bees were modulated by brood pheromone. Sucrose response thresholds of forager bees were not modulated by brood pheromone. Foragers are resistant to brood pheromone priming of sucrose response thresholds. Graphical abstract [DISPLAY OMISSION]


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