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Abstract Purpose Authors develop a unified structural model that defines multirelationships between systematic factors causing excessive use of smartphones and the corresponding results. Methods A survey was conducted with adolescents who live in Seoul, Pusan, Gangneung, Donghae, and Samcheok from February to March 2016. Authors used SPSS, version 22.0, and AMOS, version 22.0, to analyze the survey results at a .05 significance level. To investigate demographic characteristics of the participants and their variations, descriptive analysis was used. The maximum likelihood estimate method was adopted to verify the fitness of the hypothetical model and the hypotheses therein. Authors used χ 2 statistics, goodness-of-fit index, adjusted goodness-of-fit index, comparative fit index, normed fit index, incremental fit index, root mean square residual, and root mean square error of approximation to verify the fitness of our structural model. Results (1) The proposed structural model demonstrated a fine fitness level. (2) The proposed structural model could describe the excessive use of a smartphone with 88.6% accuracy. (3) The absence of the family function and relationship between friends, impulsiveness, and low self-esteem were confirmed as key factors that cause an excessive use of smartphones. (4) Furthermore, impulsiveness and low self-esteem are closely related to the absence of family functions and relations between friends by 68.3% and 54.4%, respectively. Conclusion Authors suggest that nursing intervention programs from various angles are required to reduce adolescents' excessive use of smartphones. For example, family communication programs would be helpful for both parents and children. Consultant programs about relationships with friends would also be helpful.

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