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Primary or metastatic malignant melanoma can mimic benign blue nevus in rare cases, making the diagnosis challenging. Herein, we report an exceptionally rare case of blue nevus-like melanoma and its blue nevus-like metastasis which was detected by catheterized urine cytology. The patient presented with blue-colored papuloplaques on his temple which were diagnosed as blue nevus-like melanoma on punch biopsies. While he was admitted for administration of chemotherapy, hematuria was detected. Catheterized urine cytology revealed singly scattered oval to spindle-shaped pigmented cells with a moderate degree of variation in shape and size. Many of them had small nuclei with indiscernible to inconspicuous nucleoli while only a few cells showed nuclear enlargement and nuclear hyperchromasia, which could be diagnostic pitfalls. Most of the cells on the smear were positive for HMB45 immunostaining, which confirmed the diagnosis of metastatic blue nevus-like melanoma. To the best of our knowledge, the present case is the first report describing cytomorphologic findings of blue nevus-like metastasis of melanoma in the urine specimen.

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