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논문 상세정보

우리나라 감자에 발생하는 PVY의 병원학적 특성 및 외피단백질 유전자 분석

Etiological Properties and Coat Protein Gen Analysis of Potato Virus Y Occuring in Potatoes of Korea


To obtain basic informations for the improvement of seed potato production in Korea, some etiological properties of potato virus Y(PVY) distributed in the major seed potato production area(Daekwanryeong) were characterized, and the nucleotide and amino acid sequences of the coat protein gene of the PVY strains isolated were analyzed. PVY strains in Daekwonryeong, an alpine area, were identified to be two strains, PVYo and PVYN by symptoms of indicator plants, and their distribution in potato fields was similar. Major symptom on potato varieties by PVY was grouped as either mosaic alone or mosaic accompanied with veinal necrosis in the lower leaves. The symptom occurrence of the two symptoms was similar with Irish Cobbler, but Superior showed a higher rate of mosaic symptom than the other. The PVY strain which was isolated from potato cv. Superior showing typical mosaic symptoms produced symptoms of PVY-O on the indicator plants of Chenopodium amaranticolor, Nicotiana tabacum cv. Xanthi nc and Physalis floridana, but no symptom o Capsicum annum cv. Ace. Moreover, results from the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies showed that the isolated PVY reacts strongly with PYV-O antibodies but does not react specifically with PVY-T antibodies. The purified virus particles were flexious with a size of 730$\times$11nm. On the basis of the above characteristics, the strain was identified to be a PVY-O and named as of PVY-K strain. The flight of vector aphids was observed in late May, however, the first occurrence of infected plants was in mid June with the bait plants surrounded with PVY-infected potato plants and early July with the bait plants surrounded with PVY-free potato plants. PVY infection rates by counting symptoms on bait plants (White Burley) were 1.1% with the field surrounded with PVY-free potato plants and 13.7% the fields surrounded with PVY-infected potato plants, showing the effect of infection pressure. The propagated PVY-K strain on tobacco(N. sylvestris) was purified, and the RNA of the virus was extracted by the method of phenol extraction. The size of PVY-K RNA was measured to be 9, 500 nucleotides on agarose gel electrophoresis. The double-stranded cDNAs of PVY-K coat protein(CP) gene derived by the method of polymerase chain reaction were transformed into the competent cells of E. coli JM 109, and 2 clones(pYK6 and pYK17) among 11 clones were confirmed to contain the full-length cDNA. Purified plasmids from pYK17 were cut with Sph I and Xba I were deleted with exonuclease III and were used for sequencing analysis. The PVY-K CP gene was comprised of 801 nucleotides when counted from the clevage site of CAG(Gln)-GCA(Ala) to the stop codon of TGA and encoded 267 amino acids. The molecular weight of the encoded polypeptides was calculated to be 34, 630 daltons. The base composition of the CP gene was 33.3% of adenine, 25.2% of guanine, 20.1% of cytosine and 21.4% of uracil. The polypeptide encoded by PVY-K CP gene was comprised of 22 alanines, 20 threonines, 19 glutamic acids and 18 glycines in order. The homology of nucleotide sequence of PVY-K CP gene with those of PVY-O(Japan), PVY-T(Japan), PVY-TH(Japan), PVYN(the Netherlands), and PVYN(France) was represented as 97.3%, 88.9%, 89.3%, 89.6% and 98.5%, respectively. The amino acid sequence homology of the polypeptide encoded by PVY-K CP gene with those encoded by viruses was represented as 97.4%, 92.5%, 92.9%, 92.9%, and 98.5%, respectively.

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