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논문 상세정보

수 연산에서의 언덕도(Mrs Weill's Hill) 도입의 실제

Effects of introduction The Mrs. Weil's Hill in algorithm learning


Historically, the use of algorithms has been emphasized in the mathematics curriculum at the elementary school mathematics. The current reform movement in our country are seemed to emphasize the importance of algorithms in favor of problem-solving approaches, the conceptualization of mathematical processes and applications of mathematics in real world situations. Recently, children may come to school with a fairly well-developed attitude about mathematics and mathematical ideas. That is, they do not come to school and to learning mathematics with a clean slate. Because they have already formed some partial mathematical concepts in a wide variety of contexts. Many kindergarten children have attended pre-school programs where they played with blocks, made patterns, and started adding and subtracting. It seems that there are psychological change attitudes of the children in upper grades toward teaming mathematics. In our elementary school mathematics, almost every student are still math anxious or have developed math anxiety because of paper-pencil test. In these views, this paper is devoted to introduce and apply to second grade students in ND-elementary school in Taegu City the new method for teaming addition and subtraction so called 'Mrs Weill's Hill', which is believed as a suitable method for children with mathematical loaming disabilities and Math anxiety.

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