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논문 상세정보

Spray Combustion Simulation in Transverse Injecting Configurations


The reactive flowfield of the transverse injecting combustor has been studied using Euler-Lagrange method in order to develop an efficient solution procedure for the understanding of liquid spray combustion in the transverse injecting combustor which has been widely used in ramjets and turbojet afterburners. The unsteady two-dimensional gas-phase equations have been represented in Eulerian coordinates and the liquid-phase equations have been formulated in Lagrangian coordinates. The gas-phase equations based on the conservation of mass, momentum, and energy have been supplemented by combustion. The vaporization model takes into account the transient effects associated with the droplet heating and the liquid-phase internal circulation. The droplet trajectories have been determined by the integration of the Lagrangian equation in the flow field obtained from the separate calculation without considering the iterative effect between liquid and gas phases. The reported droplet trajectories had been found to deviate from the initial conical path toward the flow direction in the very end of its lifetime when the droplet size had become small due to evaporation. The integration scheme has been based on the TEACH algorithm for gas-phase equation, the second order Runge-Kutta method for liquid-phase equations and the linear interpolation between the two coordinate systems. The calculation results has shown that the characteristics of the droplet penetration and recirculation have been strongly influenced by the interaction between gas and liquid phases in such a way that most of the vaporization process has been confined to the wake region of the injector, thereby improving the flame stabilization properties of the flowfield.

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