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논문 상세정보

CRMA 고속 네트워크를 위한 슬롯 재사용 알고리즘

Slot Reuse Algorithm for CRMA High Speed Networks


Cyclic-Reservation Multiple-Access(CRMA) is an access scheme for high-speed local and metropolitan area networks based on folded-bus or dual-bus configurations. CRMA provides high throughput and fairness independent of the network speed or distance. This paper describes a simulation-based quantitative analysis of the performance gains obtained by introducing slot reuse in CRMA. Generally, a longer cycle length means a longer access delay and a lower throughput. There-fore, it is desirable to develop a scheme such that the cycle length is the shortest. In this paper, we will study the problem of reducing the total number of empty slots generated within every cycle. However, it has been shown that the problem is NP-complete under the constraint that all empty slots used by a station in a cycle are required to be consecutive. We present the algorithm that improves previous novel approach by using previous node information. We compare our slots reuse scheme with several slot reuse algorithms such as region scheme (FMR), address schemes, novel approach in terms of the following two important performance criteria: average cycle length and average slot utilization ratio. As compared with the one proposed in novel algorithm, the new scheme makes the cycle length much shorter. Besides, the resulting slot utilization and the access delay are better than those of the other two schemes.

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