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논문 상세정보

우리나라 식문화의 변천과 향후 대책

Historical Changes and Future Counterplan of Food Culture in Korea


To evaluate the historical changes and future counterplan of food culture in Korea . the following were surveyed : the scale of foodseivice industry. the consumer attitude on functional health food. the fancy and using frequency of fastfood in the growing generation, the actual state on use of imported food. consumer opinions in selecting factor of functional and organic foods. the actual state and consumer attitude on the imported foods, long-term prospect of food service industry in futures. the production of food rubbishes and their reusing rates. the production scales and toxicity problems of agricultural medicines including the postharvest agricultural medicine. the consumer anxiety such as potential environmental and human health risks associated with GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and the import state of GMOs, long-term prospect of population increase in world, and aged population of over 65 years and their social index in Korea, self-supporting rate and national security of food in Korea. the prospect for demand and supply of grains in Korea and world. decrease of the farming population and the decrease problem of agricultural productivity. the problem on the introduction of direct payment system for a farmhouse, and other social problem etc. In cases of 1996, self-supporting rate of food in Korea was the lowest as $26.4{\%}$ in the world but those countries such as USA, UK France, Canada and Denmark were $134.0{\%}\;122.0{\%}$. $190.0{\%}$. $179.0{\%}\;and\;134.0{\%}$, respectively. in 1997 Therefore. our food security appeared as a very serious problem in a viewpoint of the national security That's why this very important Symposium will be held by agriculture-related three Societies to see the last year of 1999 out and the new millennium in.

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